Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend!

We've had such a fun weekend. We spent Friday and Saturday night up the canyon. McClain played with our friends Todd and Cate & Riley and Libby on Friday night. On Saturday she played all day with her cousins. They had fun looking for turkeys and pretending to shoot them with their guns made of sticks. Sunday, we had a BBQ at my parents. Trevor and Kelly were up from St. George and we were excited to see them. We had fun playing with the cousins. We went on four wheeler rides and horse rides. I think McClain had about as much fun as she could handle. I am thankful for fun weekends spent with our families!! Trevor, Grandpa, Braylon and Grandma.
Grey, Sophia and Mac cleaning up the mess!
Mac, Kelly and Grandma.
McClain and Mandy.
McClain, Rhielyn, Cooper and Ryder.
McClain and Ryder, looking for "turkeys".
Steven and McClain.
McClain and I.
Steven, Riley and Todd.
Steven and McClain.

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